2138 Double Bridge Rd.
Clarkesville GA 30523
(706) 839.1463

Worship 10:30 AM
Life Classes 6 PM
Anchored Children’s Ministry 6 PM
Aftershock Preteens 6 PM
Teen Swag 6 PM
College and Career 6 PM

*No Sunday Evening Services on the first Sunday Night of each month*

Midweek Worship 7:00 PM

"A Place of Hope"                          

Care Ministry

The Care Ministry here at Refuge is a great method of outreach. When a first time guest is in attendance, our Care Ministry does what the name implies.............. CARES for them.

The Care Ministry has one purpose: Caring for first time attenders. From the time you pull into our parking lot until the time you leave there is one thing that you will know, Refuge Cares.  Following up and getting to know our guests at Refuge is very important to us. The Care Ministry makes this possible.