2138 Double Bridge Rd.
Clarkesville GA 30523
(706) 839.1463

Worship 10:30 AM
Life Classes 6 PM
Anchored Children’s Ministry 6 PM
Aftershock Preteens 6 PM
Teen Swag 6 PM
College and Career 6 PM

*No Sunday Evening Services on the first Sunday Night of each month*

Midweek Worship 7:00 PM

"A Place of Hope"                          

Our Past


Refuge was started by our founding pastor, Scott Westmoreland, in the fall of 2010 at the aquatic center located in Clarkesville. Today, Refuge is located in it's own facility on Double Bridge Rd. and is a growing church that has seen many lives changed thru the power of the Gospel.

As God has called Bro. Scott to another ministry in south GA, he still is loved & appreciated for all his sacrifice, hard work, & love he has invested into Refuge & will always be a part of the Refuge Church family.

For anyone in the Clarkesville area, Bro. Scott's invitation still stands:

   "We invite you to be a part of Refuge! We know what it's like to walk into an unfamiliar church. It can be intimidating, but we also know what it is like to be loved and cared for. That is what you can expect at Refuge! We would love to meet you very soon!"

                              Founding Pastor, Scott Westmoreland