2138 Double Bridge Rd.
Clarkesville GA 30523
(706) 839.1463

Worship 10:30 AM
Life Classes 6 PM
Anchored Children’s Ministry 6 PM
Aftershock Preteens 6 PM
Teen Swag 6 PM
College and Career 6 PM

*No Sunday Evening Services on the first Sunday Night of each month*

Midweek Worship 7:00 PM

"A Place of Hope"                          

Souled Out


 Souled Out College and Career exist to see young adults (18-24) forever changed by the power of Christ and to help them develop a personal relationship with God. To teach them how to use the tools that God has provided and to encourage them to serve God in our community. This age can be a very difficult age because of the life changing decisions that have to be made. Our prayer is that through this class they will learn that their independence is based from their total dependence on God and to consult the counselor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with every decision they make.

 Souled Out meets on Sunday evening's at 6pm.